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After 10 years of activity in Romania, Bio Ortoclinic is the biggest clinic of orthopaedics and vertebrology in the South-Eastern Europe and one of the most important in Europe, focused on non-surgical treatments of everything that means locomotor apparatus – upper limbs, lower limbs, basin and all kinds of back pains. We are holding advanced equipments, specialised staff and a quality management on the highest standards. All those who visited us – up to present over 10.000 patients -, famous or common people, with articular problems, of upper or lower limbs, of basin or back pains, felt this high standard materialised in the results obtained, by the recommendations received and attention paid by the medical staff. (read more)

  • Top clinic in Romania in treatment of back pains
  • Treatment of disk hernia without surgery
  • Medical apparatus of last generation
  • Medical recovery after orthopaedic surgery
  • High quality management
  • Over 10 years of experience
  • Over 10000 satisfied clients
  • Team of experienced physicians


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  • I came to Bio Ortoclinic with severe back pain and in just a few days, I was back on my feet. I did not come through reccommendations or send by anyone, but as soon as I walked through the door I felt pampered.

  • I had severe pains in my back because of the air conditioning in my car. I couldn`t walk, I couldn`t stand or bend over. I came to Bio Ortoclinic, am I did elongations for several days in a row and I got rid of the pain.

  • The terrible knee pains had brought me to the point of despair, and my only thought was that I wouldn`t be able to dance at my daughter`s wedding. Moreover, when I had performances, I could barely stand on my feet. Doctors at Bio Ortoclinic decided that I should do some infiltrations in my knees and, even if I was a little scared, I did the treatment and now I feel much better.

  • I came to Bio Ortoclinic at a very difficult point in my life when I did not know what treatments to use anymore. All the procedures I tried made me see the light again. It`s extaordinary what`s happening here, especially that they are non-invasive treatments!

  • An exceptional clinic! Professionalism, humanism, good taste, good sense...

  • I used to have a strong pain in my back in the morning. I could no longer stay like this, without any treatment! When my wife heard me crying in the house “ah, ah”, at every step, she kept on shouting “just stop it!”. I came to solve the problem in order to stop annoying her! And, joke aside, after a few therapy sessions at Bio Ortoclinic, I felt better

  • The treatments I've done here saved me from surgery. I feel younger, and my back is more straight

  • Oana Roman
  • Claudia Ghițulescu
  • Elena Merișoreanu
  • Eli Lăslean
  • Alice Năstase Buciuta
  • Alexandru Arșinel
  • Nicoleta Luciu